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Agency Leader Investigation
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Seek Nobody

Our agency carries out research of missing minors or supposed absconders, as of major Parties Without Leaving of Address (PSLA).

Seek in the event of disappearance
Case of removal or missing minors

Research of missing people is generally required when the families exhausted the official dies of research and that those led to a failure.

However, these businesses often raising of penal (in the cases of disappeared removal or minors),
the file is in general not closed again when it is called upon detective. This one should thus never interfere in the investigation of services of police force.

Nobody major voluntarily disappeared

In the case of the major ones voluntarily disappeared and of which families any more news does not have, often since several years, the detective proceed to research generally allowing to locate the person.

Seek of debtor, debts, swindlers

  • Flight, the swindle
  • Search for debtors
Beyond the simple disappearance of an object, the flight represents sometimes an irreplaceable loss and a true violation of your private life. The swindle as for it, into question not only your financial balances calls but also constitute an attack with the dignity of your person.

Our average techniques:

Insofar as your interest is legitimate, we can put in work a whole of average techniques and human intended to find the author of the facts and to prove the infringement of which you were victim.

Our investigations:

Our investigations, carried out in any discretion, will bring to you thus the evidence allowing to carry out, according to your choice, a conciliation with the friendly one or an action at law.

Seek of successor heir

We implement all our know-how for the search for a relative.

We are aguerris in the search of a distant relative in France or abroad, of a successor, for the heritage of a good or for one life insurance.

Our department of genealogy allows us to use tools effective and to have results fast and conclusive.

We can also make carry out affiliations or of affiliation by tests ADN and we know about the procedures to apply in this direction.