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Agency Leader Investigation
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Spinning mill and Investigation

Our means of spinning mills and investigations:

Our speciality, the control of timetable, us you let us propose by the means of a contract of mission a work of quality realized by professionals of the spinning mill. On each mission, one detailed timetable will be carried out, accompanied by photographs, admissible testimony’s, or all other evidence in front of the courts.

Concerning businesses of company:

  • Your or your employees divert goods or confidential information!
  • At the time of stops of disease they work for others companies!
  • You are victim of sabotage in the company!
  • You are victim of a diversion of customers!
  • Search for solvency of a debtor!

Concerning private businesses:

  • Your spouse misleads you or has an extra relation marital!
  • You suspect your spouse of having a double life!

For all missions of control of timetable and spinning mills one detailed estimate and precis will be given to you as of reception of the precise details concerning the place, hours and days of interventions, knowing that good success of a mission depends on its preparation.

After study of the file of the easy terms can to be granted.

All our reports/ratios are accompanied by photographs or video films usable in front all jurisdictions.